Dressage competition and looking beautiful 💕

Last weekend Precious and I went to the Ivel Valley Pony Club dressage competition. This was only our second ever dressage show and although I have been practicing loads with my instructor since going to BD Youth camp, I was still quite nervous.

Mummy and I got up early to get Precious ready for the show but as I have a new baby sister Florence, we always seem to be rushing 😂. Thankfully mummy bought some Quick Knot clips to try on Precious’ plaits and they were great. The initial plaiting didn’t take long and we just banded them at the bottom. Then it was a case of pushing the Quick Knot into the base of the plait, bending it round and hey presto they were done. I even managed a couple of plaits myself 🤩.

We gave Precious a good spray of Naf Shine On grooming spray and we were ready to go! We had so many comments on how lovely we both looked ☺️. Mummy got the Naf spray from VioVet.

We arrived and it was time to get on and focus on the Intro C test ahead of us. Precious felt good and we looked really smart so I was very happy when I went into the arena. We rode our test perfectly and Precious didn’t put a hoof wrong so I came out beaming. Then it was a waiting game until the results so we decided to test how quickly the Quick Knots came out – within 5 minutes we were done and we were back to nervously waiting for the results. For more information on Quick Knots click on the following link – but we can’t recommend them enough: https://www.quickknot.co.uk

Amazingly not only did Precious and I win the class with a massive score of 73%, but the judge also voted us as being ‘Best Turned Out’ 😍! It’s almost a week on and I am still smiling. Today I get to take my trophy and rosettes into my assembly at school.

Thank you to everyone who helped me on the day and to Quick Knot and Naf for helping us look our best. Till next time….

Violet 💕


1 thought on “Dressage competition and looking beautiful 💕

  1. I look forward to following your journey with Precious. You are a lovely team . Enjoy the journey which has already began very well x


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