Evening Dressage at Offley and District Riding Club

Today mummy picked me up from school and I got changed straight into my riding gear so we could head off to Offley and District Riding Club for an evening of dressage. My lovely riding instructor Sally met me there and helped me warm Precious up – she felt good even though it was quite windy.

I rode Intro C and Precious was a really good girl and then it was a case of waiting for my results. Quite soon we realised I had a high score so we decided to wait till the rosettes were handed out. Then amazingly my name was read out and I had come joint 1st place 🤩!! It was well worth getting home late for!

Thank you so much to Charlie, Katie, Jackie and Grammy who came to support me and Precious! I’ve just given Precious a massive kiss and now I’m going to fall into bed and try to get up for school tomorrow 🙈.

From a sleepy but happy Vi 🦄💕 xxx

2 thoughts on “Evening Dressage at Offley and District Riding Club

  1. It was lovely to see you & Precious. Philip & myself are so pleased you are a brilliant team xx


  2. I wouldn’t have missed it Vi. You and Precious were awesome. Brilliant test and brilliant result 🏆. Precious can have an extra treat tomorrow. Grammy xxx


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